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You are well aware of the meaning of Translation; which is having your words/text understood in a different language, whether in the same form or a different form.

Then, what’s Localization services, and what makes it so different than translation?

Localization is not just the mere translation of a text into the target language; it’s a different kind of creation. You say the words, and we give you its most appealing form in your desired target language and culture.

It aims to address the market you’re targeting in a way that best suits the culture and dialect used in that culture. As you know, is some cases the same language is spoken in various countries, but with different concepts of understanding. We’re here to help you address them with language that most speaks to them. In other words, we almost copyright your words from one language to another so your message is delivered in the best way possible, so you can connect on a much deeper level with your target audience.

The localization services we provide in YARTranslations covers the different sectors you might need, which includes, but not limited to:

  • Medical
  • Educational
  • Legal
  • Industrial
  • Technical
  • Tourism/Travel
  • Advertising
  • Brand slogans

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YARTranslations Other Language and Translation Services:


Our team’s success comes from the way we constantly enhance our skills and services. We’re always satisfying our eager need to develop the services we offer, to get the highest satisfaction of our customers.

YARTranslations’ main goal is to always gain the satisfaction of customers by providing them with the highest quality of work that they wish to have and more. Therefore, we’re always making a lot of effort to make sure that the work delivered is flawless. In fact, our main goal is to be sure the customer is 100% satisfied and happy about it. That is why we have 99% positive feedback from our clients and more than 50% recurring clients!


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The customers’ trust in giving us the job is such an honor to us, and thus, we do and will continue doing our best to deserve it.

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