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What guarantees I get the highest quality of work?

At YARTranslations, we’re very committed to providing the best and highest quality of work, whether it was translation or any of our services, to our clients. Each project we work on has a group of trained and experienced professionals working on it. After that, our professional revising and proofreading team makes sure everything is done according to the highest of standards.

Are your translations automatically generated?

Automatically generated translations are the worst that type of translations, which is not how we operate. Our quick and efficient team of professionals put their hearts and souls into every piece of document translated. This way, they don’t only make it accurate – which is the bare minimum – but to actually make it beautiful.

How much do you charge for your work?

Rates differ according to the kind of service. In most cases, we charge per source word, with a minimum amount of 1000 words. Meaning, if your project is < 1000 source words, the cost would be (our rate) x (1000 source words). There are some cases, however, were we would charge per page or work according to a fixed price. Again, this all depends on the kind of service. Feel free to contact us to get more specific details in terms of the cost of your project.

Are there any additional costs or fees?

No, there are not. The cost we agree on is what you pay, unless there are changes to the source material.

Which currencies do you accept as payment?

Mainly, we accept USD.

How is the confidentiality of the project ensured?

In YARTranslations, we sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements with the clients.

Do you offer a no-obligation quote before beginning a project?

Yes, we do offer a no-obligation quote before beginning a project. However, in order for you to get an accurate quote, you’ll need to provide us with all the necessary information in order to give you an exact quote. In case you don’t want to provide all the information before starting the project, we’ll be able to give you a quote range of the project, and then the exact quote after you make your decision of hiring us and giving us all the information.

How do I send/receive my documents to you?

All documents and files can be shared through email and clouds, if the files are too large to be sent through email.

What is your turnaround time for your projects?

There is no specific turnaround time for projects, as this can vary depending upon the type, complexity, and size of the project. Each project, no matter what kind it is, goes through various steps and processes and an expansive proofreading process before the final delivery. Please contact us with your project details to get an exact turnaround time.

How do you select the team that works on the project?

Here in YARTranslations, we have a large team of professional linguist and natives specializing in each sector of translation. Once we get the client’s confirmation on the project, we assign a team of professionals who specialize in the service/sector required. The team that gets assigned to your project will be a number of trained professionals who have a deep understanding and experience in your specified need.

What’s your translation process?

There are several translation phases and processes we go through in each project. We first start by evaluating the project and set the terminology that will be used throughout the project, then there is the translation phase, and it will lastly end with an extensive and expansive proofreading and revision phase to make sure that the text is flawless and 100% accurate.

How do you translate website?

In the beginning, we’ll need to assess and review the website and the portions/pages you want translated and whether you would graphical texts included or not, and based upon that, we’ll be giving you an exact quote.

Then we download the entire source content that needs to be translated according to your instructions and the specialized team will begin the usual translation process. We can completely localize and transform your website into your target language, and we’ll make sure that the final website is formatted accurately.

Is it possible to make changes to my project order after confirmation?

It is possible to make changes to an order after it has started, however, keep in mind that it may carry extra charges, which is why it’s best if you make sure all you require in the project is finalized before confirming it with us. In the case you want to make changes, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is your editing process?

In YARTranslations, Editing/Revision process is one of the most important processes, as it is the one that ensures the quality and accuracy of the content. A lot of attention is put into this process to correct any mistakes done during translations, and ensuring the consistency of the whole text.

Do you charge for a translation sample?

It’s normal for a client to ask for a translation sample to get the feel of the high level of quality that we offer. That’s why we offer a sample translation of up to 250 source words free of charge. The source words are, of course, of the client’s choosing.

What forms of payment do you currently support?

We accept cheque, Wire transfer, PayPal, Money Bookers, Thomas Cook, Western Union. You can share your preferred mode of payment as well.

What are your payment terms?

Payment is normally due upon receipt of completed work. We raise an invoice upon receipt of final project by the client.

Does an urgent/rush project cost extra?

Yes. An additional percentage of the fees may be applied to urgent/rush projects. The percentage depends on how urgent the project is, and our schedule; because we’ll need to put more people on the project’s team in order to complete it quickly and efficiently.

Do you provide certified translations?

Yes. Certified translation is providing you with an additional document to confirm that the legal, medicinal, or governmental document translated with all the information stated in it, are, to the best of our knowledge, is true and 100% accurate.

What is formatting and do you include it in the project?

Formatting is a necessary step of any project in order to maintain the original format from the source document. In most projects with simple formatting, formatting will be included in the project with no additional fees. However, complex documents that includes graphic/tables/charts that needs special attention.

What document formats you support?

At YARTranslations, we support all possible document formats, including Microsoft Office products, HTML, PDF, and many more.


  • If you have any question or concern that you can’t find in this list, please don’t hesitate to contact us.